Experiences at YYC: Saskia Jones-Walters

This is the first of three posts that different members of the choir who attended the Easter Course were asked to write, outlining their experiences and what YYC means to them. This post was written by Saskia Jones-Walters, who is in Year 9 and has been a member of the choir since 2011.

So. Here I am, writing about YYC, last course mostly. It will sound strange, but for me, YYC is something that’s quite difficult to write about. I can tell you exactly what I did last course. I can tell you the schedule for most courses. I can tell you all about my friends, what a great time I have. Because I do. We sing all day, with breaks, free time and meals spread through the day, and the social event in the evening, always a great time. Our mentors, members of the choir who look after us and organize the social events are one of a kind - I don’t mean to sound soppy – who are always there for us, not to mention their brilliant minds, full of… brilliant ideas. The most recent course, for example, they organized an Easter egg hunt, and a newspaper fashion challenge - Moriarty’s Mentor Group's Chris as ‘Super Batman’ all the way! - With a pharaoh as the winner was so much fun and turned out to be a great event. Talent this year too was particularly good, featuring some great hosts, an excellent ‘Huwsical’, countless other incredible acts and a unique interpretation of Romeo and Juliet. Last course also saw the acting talents of amateur troupe shine in the form of Cinderella, starring Emma Offord as Cindy herself, doing a, shall we say, ‘alright’ performance. Last course was also my first course in the Senior Choir, and most of my closest friends moved up with me. It was a bit of a shock, suddenly moving much faster, but so good as well, with the great repertoire we were singing, enjoying myself greatly, with the only other first altos Georgina Parker and Jessica Hemsley. Three of us on the front row of the altos. I also shared a room with Jess and Emma Burke. We enjoyed doing all sorts of things in our free time, along with some other members, including…'mastermind'…which it turns out Brian Offord is a total genius at! As I’m you can tell, my first statement wasn’t totally true. Once I get going… there is always so much going on at YYC to write about, but what I find difficult is getting across just how good YYC actually is, because of the unique atmosphere. It is so different from anything I’ve ever experienced before, and I’m not sure I’ll ever come across anything quite like it again.


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