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The Yorkshire Youth Choir Voice Tests 1st October - What to expect

The Yorkshire Youth Choir Voice Tests - What to expect It is not long until our next set of voice tests, they will be held on The 1st of October 2017. The word test always triggers nerves, no matter how old you are or how much experience you have. So whilst we may tell you countless times that a voice test for YYC is nothing to worry about, we completely understand that our reassurances may not be enough to eradicate all of your fears. The best thing we can do is to describe the process to help you feel more at ease. Step 1. A friend has invited you to come along to a Yorkshire Youth Choir voice test or perhaps you have seen our advertising on social media or flyers out and about. Now is the time to have a look at our website, social media and other blog posts (links all above) to find out more about the choir and it's values. This will most likely lead you to the conclusion that YYC looks like an educational barrel of laughs - something which you would like to be a part o

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