YYC 100 Club, Your Chance to Win £500

Do you fancy winning £500? Don’t lie, I know you do, who doesn't?

Well why don’t you do a good deed and join the YYC 100 club? If 100 or more people join by paying £10 a month by standing order to the YYC then every quarter a draw will take place of all the paid members of the club and the winner will receive £500!

Sounds good to me, £10 a month may seem like a lot of money but that’s only £2.50 a week, just don’t buy that extra pint and you won’t miss it! And when you think that there are four chances a year to win £500 it’s not bad really is it?

Anyone can take part, you can be family, friends, mild acquaintances or family pets. Just complete and sign the form linked below and post it off to:


Dean Clough

Share this around, the more the merrier and when we get to 100 members you will have a chance to win £500.

Thank You and Good Luck!

Join and make a choir kid smile today!


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