An Introduction to YYC

In 2004, on the suggestion of my primary school choir conductor, I auditioned for the Yorkshire Youth Choir, this is to date one of the most terrifying moments of my life and although everyone at the audition was friendly, there aren't many other times I can think of where I have wanted the ground to swallow me more. Thankfully I got through the audition and became a member of what I can safely say is one of the best choirs in the Country, (and I’m only being a tiny bit biased.)

Group Photo from my second course, 10 points if you find me.

The Yorkshire Youth Choir has over 160 members who meet twice a year at residential courses held around Yorkshire. Not every member attends every course, (although I did go to every course while I was a member, just saying,) but everyone leaves the course at the end of the week having had an amazing experience, learning new skills and making life long friends. I honestly can’t imagine what my life would be like now if I had not been part of the choir. I have made so many life long friends, I’m more confident than I think I would have been without it and I definitely had some once in a life time experiences.

One of the great things about YYC is how friendly everyone is, it doesn't matter what background you come from, how old you are or how long you have been singing. When you are at choir everyone is the same, it might sound cliché but it really is one massive family who are always there to help. On the first night you are put into mentor groups, whether you are a new member or a veteran, creating another mini family. I had some great times with my own “Team Laydon” and although I may have been over competitive in the sports day competitions (which we sadly didn't win.) I don’t think I have ever been prouder than when nearly every one of my mentor group performed in my final talent show, (seeing some of the seemingly shy kids on the stage really got to me, and it was the first time it really hit me that I wouldn't be getting up on that stage again, but at least I know that they will!) I know I always looked up to the older members of the choir when I first joined, so if any one of them looked up to me in some way, even if it was just because I’m taller than them, I think I did a good job.

                     One of my mentee's singing Skinny Love beautifully!
I made some of my best friends from being in YYC, spending a week being constantly together does that to people, but even now we have all left and don’t see each other as often, when we are together we always have an amazing time. Although, apparently when I first met my friend Sam, he claims that after he introduced himself I replied, “we have loads of Sams here already” and walked away. I have no recollection of this but I will take this time to apologise, that is, if he would like to take back the numerous clumsy jokes. Because I really am not that clumsy.

Casually killing Sam, note the unimpressed children in the background.
One of the highlights of my week, which I briefly mentioned earlier, was talent night. Held on the Thursday night and giving everyone an opportunity to showcase their hidden talents, or the talent that we knew they already had. For me talent night tended to be another time for me to make a fool of myself. Ettie and I did our standard terrible jokes every year, which I like to think did get slightly better as we got older, but its seriously unlikely. When I was about 13 I decided it was just not cool to be in the talent show, but after realising that I just wasn't cool in the first place, took back to the stage, with the YYC puppet pals, the YYC song (to the tune of Friday) and finally the YYC Musical, which we were told was the best act to ever be performed at a talent night… (I tried not to let it go to my head, but it did.)

                        YYC The Musical, eat your heart out Lloyd Webber
That’s all for this part, I have far too much to say about this choir to cram it into one post that people will get bored of half way through. If you enjoyed this and want to know more about the choir CLICK HERE. 


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